Style, Discovery and Inspiration
red designer living roomYou know how it begins; you happen to be looking through Pinterest and then find yourself searching through Houzz, envisioning how your space can be and imagining the possibilities. You think about how your home could feel if you knew just what to do with it – how to take it from where it is, and transform it into what you see reflected on those pages of décor magazines. You love that certain shade, but will it work? You must have that pattern, but where to find it? It is a simple matter of getting from where you are to where you want to be, and all that is required is the right guide. 

That is where the expert team of Zander’s designers comes in. With years of experience working together, Zander’s designers possess that elusive ability to piece together a room which can only be described as intuition. Let them guide you through every step of the process, from exploring wall coverings, paint, flooring, drapes, furniture and accessories at their boutique, to searching through their vast resources for that one perfect piece. Experience the satisfaction that comes with seeing your style manifest itself into a beautifully cohesive space that you can truly call your own.

“The unique ideas and color pallets provided by Zander’s are a look unlike any other, and that was why I was intrigued to work with them. They were able to tie my whole house together with one consistent look throughout the rooms.

I’m proud of the design and the look the whole house has and I love to call it my home. There’s not one space in the entire place that I’m not ecstatic about or don’t love to entertain in!”

– James Brandenburg

Scalamandre red zebra printYou are Zander’s main concern: your personality, lifestyle, family needs, style and budget. The designers will ask, listen to and learn about everything that is you, and then make suggestions that optimize the space you have and take into account the pieces you own, all while meeting your functional needs and timeless style. 

Would you have selected a bold, zebra print wallpaper as an accent in an otherwise beige home? These designers did, and the results were striking. And the clients – they came back for more. Zander’s will give you an opportunity to be “boldly you” in newly discovered ways. Let Zander’s bring your style to life.

Interior Design in Madison, WI What to Expect