Through the orange door of this quaint white studio, tucked away on a charming street, works an ensemble of Madison’s five leading interior designers. Nearly three decades have passed since Doug Zander—now a nationally-renowned interior designer—opened that orange door to the public. And over those years, as the reputation of Zander’s Interiors blossomed, so did his family of designers. One-by-one he hand-selected and mentored four—the least of which has been with him for fifteen years now.

 Today, as those in Madison can attest, you won’t find a team of interior designers with a better reputation than this ensemble of five. But for all of the extravagant aesthetics, for all the witty elegance, for all the décor allure—their combined fee is no more than one individual with less experience and no studio. And why not charge an exorbitant fee? As Doug Zander says: “The size of the space, or the price of the home, needn’t matter. Every space deserves to be as stylish as it is functional.”

What’s important—what truly matters—is that you value the spaces in which you live. The discriminating, like you, cherish the deep joy felt when walking into a space that feels truly like home. You want a frame to capture your life’s most unforgettable moments. Whether they’re bold patterns, or rich textures, or pops of unforgettable color—these are the finishes forever intertwined within the memories of your life.


Interior Design in Madison, WI What to Expect



For three decades, this ensemble of five interior designers has been transforming spaces into works of art that mirror the lives within.

Consider this your invitation. They’ll welcome you with open arms to their studio, where they’ll guide you through a world of fabrics, furniture, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, window treatments and art—the raw elements they use to begin handcrafting a design that’s a perfect reflection of you. And the fee, for this consultation, is on the house.

You are an exuberant life, with spaces containing untapped potential. This ensemble of five will help you reveal that potential, through the orange door at Zander’s Interiors, where priceless discoveries are waiting to be made.

Through the Orange Door